If you aren't really tech-savvy or if you have never managed a hosting server, you could have some difficulties in particular situations when you need to take care of a virtual or a dedicated machine. Because each and every standalone hosting machine has its own Operating System and various applications and processes working, you shall almost certainly come across different problems like a frozen process or one that's loading the server noticeably. With a shared hosting account all of these things are handled by the company, but this isn't the case if you use a hosting machine of your own, thus you must resolve the difficulties yourself. When you don't have the knowledge or the time to handle this kind of issues, you may consider the Managed Services upgrade which we offer. Amongst other things, it provides 24/7 monitoring of your hosting machine and the processes running on it, so in case anything happens, our administrators can resolve the problem and reboot the hosting server in order to restore its proper operation.

Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers

If you add the Managed Services upgrade to any one of the VPS server plans that we supply and so long as it's enabled for your account, our system admins will monitor your hosting server at all times. Many automatic checks overseeing different system processes willbe added, thus in case any problem presents itself, our well-trained staff is going to be notified straight away and shall work on your machine until the issue is fixed. If for reasons uknown the virtual hosting machine runs out of memory or some process freezes, they shall check out what caused the issue and shall then restart the hosting machine to restore all system processes and the proper functioning of any website or offline application that you have on the machine. With this service you will not need to monitor your Virtual private server constantly or pay for high-priced third-party services from other organizations which can notify you about an issue, but are unable to resolve it.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers

The Managed Services bundle can be included to each of our Linux dedicated servers anytime, so whenever you decide that you need it, you can order it with a few mouse clicks and our staff will activate a variety of automated checks for the status of different system processes on the hosting machine. This will save you loads of money for third-party monitoring services from businesses which cannot resolve an issue even if they recognize one because they will not have access to your server. Our expert crew can easily resolve any issue - a frozen system process, a script that is consuming a lot of processing time or memory, and so on. They'll discover what the origin of the problem was in order to take care of the latter in the most suited way and will reboot the hosting machine if that's required to restore its correct functioning. In this way you will not have to be worried about possible problems or deal with administration tasks.